Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Floorazzo - Terrazzo on the cheap

Terrazzo is a traditional go-to choice for high-density traffic areas because of its durability and low-maintenance. It also looks great and is highly customizable. If you've been in an airport, you've stood on terrazzo, basically marble chips embedded in a binder that used to be cement but is now polymer resin. It's a great option for churches, but oh-so-expensive, mostly due to the specialized labor costs associated with pouring it in place.

Now, Floorazzo is offering terrazzo on the cheap; basically 24x24 format low-profile tiles that fit together with barely visible seams. Still customizable in both color and pattern but at a fraction of the cost of traditional terrazzo. Sample tiles available to 'commercial property owners', which should include churches.

Oh, and it can be put on walls as well. Bathroom maintenance...always a vexing church issue.

Check their website, which hopefully soon will have a better gallery of pictures.

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