Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cheap Fix - Linoleum remnant flooring

Above, a lineoleum remnant floor as a study model, partially laid, and completed. Via , this lineoleum is a surprisingly stylish fix for the church kitchen, or for nursery or youth areas where a hard floor is required. As indicated, make a quick study model before laying the floor. And use the 'real' linoleum, whose color goes all the way through and is highly scratch resistant, rather than the cheap plastic flooring sometimes referred to as linoleum.

It appears that the red linoleum has been used on the countertops as well...another 'cheap fix' which can be finished off with either a wood or aluminum trim piece on the counter's face.

In my neck of the woods, lino remants can be found at salvage yards and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

1 comment:

Andy in Germany said...

That's a darn good idea. I'll keep that for when we are building our house- assuming that German people throw that sort of thing out while it is still usable. I doubt it.

BTW I've been looking about at cycling facilities in the hope of persuating our church to invest in some. Have you any thoughts on those?

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