Sunday, February 15, 2015

This is how you do a warehouse...learning from Archiproba

As churches increasing adopt warehouse-type spaces for adapative reuse, and also seek to open up traditional spaces for more flexible usage patterns,  I'm struck by the elements of Archiproba's redesign of an early twentieth telecom building in Moscow for a tech company, many of which I'd love to see in church.  None of these ideas are particularly expensive...add a cross at the front of the seating bank (up at the 'holy end'...see the Philip Larkin poem below) and you're there.  Elegant, modern, welcoming, simple.

1.  Glass entryways, embodying the transparency that the church should exhibit, and reducing visual barriers to entering the sacred space.

2.  An open sided sanctuary, which can be acoustically curtained as necessary.

3.  Seating in bright and modern colorways (though please choose more comfortable chairs!)

4.  The creation of a room-within-the-room; perfect for coffee or kids on Sunday morning and a great meeting and gathering space during the week.

[found at dezeen]

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