Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cumulus lights by Steven Haulenbeek

This lighting concept utilizes photographer’s translucent shoot-through umbrellas as modular components to create a scalable light canopy. The accumulation of these umbrellas, hung upside down, creates a cloud form. The umbrella is an object that all people can identify with. In my lighting application, the object is recontextualized to create playful light rather than reference the dark and dreary day. The Cumulus Light Canopy can be made to fit the scale of almost any space just by adding or subtracting its modular elements. It can be broken down to a fraction of its size and can be installed and de-installed almost effortlessly.

A beautiful and innovative concept...you could try DIY but Steven lists these at just $300 for a six piece unit (he'll do custom sizes as well), which is amazingly reasonable for a designer's work and cheaper than loads of far less interesting fixtures.

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