Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cheap Fix - Simple Wooden Trim

California-based Mars Hill Studios seem to have developed something of a formula for warming up spaces with the application of simple wooden trim. Utilizing raw, unimproved lumber (looks to me like simple pine 2 bys and 1 bys, perhaps waxed for luster), and incorporating the bolts and braces as features of the designs, most of these ideas are within the reach of a lay carpenter, and are especially well-suited to remodels of austere office or shopping space.

(Nice color choice on that purple/green hallway, as well. But at my church I wouldn't be able to *tell* anyone I was painting it purple and green. I'd have to pretend I was painting it a nice, nondescript almond color. Then afterwards, they'd like it, but before....well, the deacons might have a stroke if I mentioned purple and green in the same sentence.)


Unknown said...

I am the "lay Carpenter" who did all the building on this and I resent being called a "lay carpenter." I am a craftsman. True the designs are simple, but good luck having your "lay carpenter" work on this scale.

The contractor on all of these projects was Unlimited General Contractors.

arcady said...

Apologies for the offense; none was intended. In the context of this blog I use 'lay' to signify a member of the congregation. Small churches especially often rely on in-house talent.

Your work is certainly admirable, which is why it made the blog. I will add the updated contractor information to the posting.

Thanks for the additional information!

Unknown said...

In rereading my post I realize that my tone was a bit abrasive, sorry about that.

Anyways, you are correct. Of the three buildings that you have pictured above we used volunteers from the church community in one, Rock Harbor Church, Costa Mesa Ca.

It is worth mentioning that 2 of the 3 buildings were complete Tenant Improvements and the walls that the wood was used were not existing. The steel stud walls were built with backing to support the weight of the lumber.

In only one of the buildings pictured, Parkcrest Church, Long Beach did we use the existing infrastructure and "dressed" it up.

Unlimited General Contractors Inc.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Some very good designs and ideas for churches.After all there is a principle guiding every architecture and this one is unique too.

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