Friday, April 4, 2008

Cheap Wall Fix Round-Up

A few inexpensive ideas I've kept track of for making a beautiful accent out of an existing wall or part of a wall, or covering up a case of the uglies (sigh, I have known many such church walls...and having a budget of maybe $50 to improve them).

Standing pebble tiles from naturalstoneoutlet.

Wood tiles (from my files, no source unfortunately, but a relatively straightforward DIY)

Raffia wall by designer Paolo Lenti but I've seen placemats that looks like this and in fact the new heavy, architectural placemats, often made from real wood, are great en masse on a wall.

Interlocking frames or a simple pattern of thin wood strips painted the same color as the wall are a great disguise...look to garden treillage for inspiration. But don't use that ugly pre-made stuff from the lumber yard.

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