Friday, January 27, 2012

Ixxi for church wall art

The large spaces of church interiors can make wall decor a challenge; so often I see churches that have good intentions of warming up their interiors with wall art designed for the home, but because it isn't properly scaled for the wall sizes of a church building it just ends up looking odd.  Large-scale works, though, are usually custom, and therefore expensive.

So I was excited to see (via design-milk) a modular hanging system that joins individually printed cards together to create large-scale wall art.  It's a dutch system called ixxi, and you can use it to make a single image,  a collage, or an abstract pixelated piece.  Your design (or you can use their stock designs) is enlarged and divided onto printed cards 20 x 20 cm (close to 8 inches square), which are joined together with their system of with their 'x’s' and 'i’s' (thus the ixxi name!) to produce a wall piece or even a room divider.  You could use an image that is meaningful to your church's vision and mission, a text, or even a logo.  Think of the impact in a lobby, or a children's or youth space.

And it's surprisingly low-cost!   A 100 card system is about $200, including shipping from the Netherlands, which would make it reasonable to even change out the image over time or seasonally; ixxi also offers 'card only' pricing for those who already have their x's and i's. 

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